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Every track and eBook I have created in one bundle! Supercharge the time you spend practicing, jamming and composing!

Products included:

You will get a ZIP (2GB) file


Take your guitar skills to the next level with this all-in-one bundle! This comprehensive collection includes all of my released backing tracksambient pad tracks in all keys as well as bonus drone tracks.

You'll also get my Ultimate Scale Reference and Ultimate Arpeggio Reference eBooks, which contain 35 different scale types, 322 unique movable scale patterns, and 15 different arpeggio types with 75 unique movable arpeggio patterns! Additionally, my Ultimate Guitar Warmup eBook includes 16 essential technique exercises.

My hope is that this bundle will be a great resource to you on your musical journey!

Cheers! 🤘


Download links for all tracks (MP3) and PDFs are included.

Sample Tracks

Customer Reviews


Verified Buyer

1 month ago

Awesome tracks

Awesome tracks for serious practice or just noodling. Tim has put together a quality selection for any budding guitarist with lots of variety to stir your creative juices.


Verified Buyer

1 month ago

FUN way to build your chops

Tim’s tracks are always high quality, cover a wide range of genres and tempos, and they’re FUN. I always come up with new ideas jamming out to these.


Verified Buyer

1 month ago


Great tracks! Whether you’re warming up the fingers for a session or just looking for some great sounding tracks to jam with, they’re perfect for any situation!

Mark K.

1 month ago

Packed with quality and styles to keep you playing!

I've been using backing tracks to jam over for some time. I always go to Tim's backing tracks for practicing, whether it's an easy chord progression or a more challenging key. I especially love that there are certain styles that he has (Vai, Plini, etc.). The quality of the recording is great and allows you to get lost in just playing away. I can speak for many, once you experience Tim's backing tracks, you'll keep using them.

James B.

1 month ago

Great training and exercise back tracks

Excellent selection of high quality tracks and exercises which can only make you a better guitar / bass player. Try a few out, you won’t be disappointed


YouTuber & Guitarist

Leon Todd

"Tim's backing tracks keep me inspired as a player and provide a valuable resource for teaching and demonstrating gear on my channel. I'm yet to find another set of backing tracks that cover such a wide range of styles and sounds."

YouTuber & Guitarist

Guitar MAX

"Where do I even start with Tim's backing tracks? Beautiful production, a huge variety of styles, and progressions that help you push your playing into new territory. I love these tracks!"

YouTuber & Guitarist

Cameron Cooper

"Tim's backing tracks are fantastically produced with so much variety! They could sit perfectly within the catalogue of the artist they're inspired by and are very inspiring for improvisation. I highly recommend them to any player."

Guitarist & Content Creator

Amar Alhoch

"Perhaps the most inspiring backing tracks on the net. I have dedicated countless hours over the past two years to jamming, practicing, and composing with these backing tracks. The quality Tim offers is superb and the variety among these tracks keeps the creativity flowing!"


  • The Ultimate Collection - Complete

    $19.99 Value

    A dynamic collection of over 150 professionally mixed and mastered tracks, spanning Rock, Metal, Fusion, Funk, and more, perfect for jamming, solo practice, songwriting, and showcasing your playing.

  • Ambient Pad Track Collection

    $9.99 Value

    24 Major and Minor Pads in all keys, allowing seamless integration with any progression. These versatile pads enhance your music with depth, texture, and ambience. Perfect for practice, composition, songwriting and performance.

  • Drone Backing Track Collection

    $9.99 Value

    Drone Backing Tracks (with and without drums) in all keys. Ideal for practicing scales, modes, arpeggios, or chords in any key, these tracks offer a dynamic backdrop for musical exploration and skill development.

  • Ultimate Scale Reference eBook

    $7.99 Value

    Master 35 essential and unique guitar scales with this eBook. Explore 322 movable scale patterns across 58 printable pages—dedicated to each scale type. Enhance your practice with the included 12 drone backing tracks for effective learning and inspiration.

  • Ultimate Arpeggio Reference eBook

    $7.99 Value

    Master 15 essential guitar arpeggios with this eBook. Explore 75 unique movable patterns, each clearly documented for easy reference. With 12 drone backing tracks, create a captivating backdrop to master the patterns and their application.

  • Ultimate Guitar Warmups eBook

    $7.99 Value

    Refine your guitar prowess with this eBook featuring 16 essential technique exercises. Designed for warming up, developing, and maintaining fundamental guitar skills, these exercises are crafted to enhance hand synchronization, fluidity, and finesse in your fretting hand.

  • Mix Ready Preset Pack

    $14.99 Value

    Unlock mix ready presets for Audio Assault's free Amp Locker plugin. Load these presets into Amp Locker (instructions included) for instant, professional guitar tones perfect for jamming, practicing, or recording.

  • Mix Ready IR Pack

    $14.99 Value

    Take your guitar tones to the next level with custom-created, mix-ready impulse responses. Included for Clean, Rhythm, and Lead tones, these impulses seamlessly complement the Mix Ready preset pack for professional guitar tones.

  • Metrodrum Practice Tracks

    $9.99 Value

    Tired of the metronome routine? Swap it for these practice drum tracks. These 18 professionally produced tracks can serve as dynamic alternatives, maintaining focus and interest while you jam and practice.

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